Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Peeps Nest

Here is a super simple (and super sugary) treat for your kids to make!
All you need is Easter grass, cupcake liners, jelly beans and Peeps. The kids helped me cut the grass into smaller pieces.
This isn't necessary but it makes it a little easier when you put it into the cupcake liner, which is the next step.
Then come the eggs -- I mean jelly beans. (We used speckled.)
And lastly, the Peep!
Once you cut or pull apart the Peeps, the sides will be white and very sticky. If you care how it looks, you could always dip the sides in colored sugar. The kids really enjoyed making them.
Too bad that they had to wait until they got home to eat them. Last year we painted with Peeps (see it here) and will be doing it again this year!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cracked Eggs and Silly Faces

Can you stand another egg craft? This one turned out very cool. The kids used washable markers to color a coffee filter and then they sprayed it with water while it was on top of an egg-shaped piece of construction paper.
I let it sit for awhile so the colors would be absorbed into the construction paper. It left a neat design behind.
Colors that the kids didn't even use showed up and the wrinkles in the coffee filter left some cool lines and edges. When they were dry, the kids cut a zig-zag across the upper half of the egg. I wanted the eggs to appear cracked open.

I had previously taken pictures of each of them making silly faces. I printed them out, cut around their bodies and taped them to the back of the egg so it looked like they were popping out of it.
At first I was just going to toss the top of the egg, but they were very pretty so I decided to keep them.

I hung them in the hall with the title You Crack Me Up!
The yellow and pink letters weren't the best choice to put on a yellow-green wall, but I made the letters years ago for a different version of this bulletin board. (I had the kids tell me jokes to write on their eggs. You can see that here.) I didn't want to make new letters for this one, so yellow and pink it is. For most of the eggs, I put the top of the shell alongside the rest of the egg, but for a couple of them, I put the top shell on the child's head!
It turned out pretty cute. I wish you could see all the silly faces!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fluffy Bunnies and Stamped Eggs

Here are a couple Easter/Spring crafts that we did last week. For the bunny, I traced a template onto white construction paper. The kids painted it with puffy paint (Elmer's white glue and shaving cream) that I mixed with fluorescent paint.
Then they glued on a cotton ball for the tail. (It probably would have stuck right to the paint since there is glue in it, but we used more glue just to be sure.)

When they dried, I cut them out and used a glue gun to attach a jelly bean for the nose!

I think the jelly bean nose would be cuter on a front-facing bunny. I'll have to remember that for a craft next year.
We also used bottle caps to make designs on eggs cut from construction paper.

I had shown the kids that they could overlap the circles to get a really cool design!

It was a fun way to paint! And both crafts added a lot of "spring" to our room!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hand and Footprint Bunny Craft

Since I had such a small class on Friday, I decided to have the kids make a craft that involved both hand and footprints. And with Spring finally here and Easter not too far off, bunnies seemed like the perfect thing to make.
I've seen these kinds of crafts all over, but since it was a last-minute craft I needed to do it from memory, so it might be a little different than what's already out there. I started by painting both feet of each child. I painted the outside and toes white and used pink for the middle. Once that was all done, I painted both hands of each child. Again, I painted the outside and finger tops white and painted the palm and a little bit up each finger pink. I decided not to paint their thumbs.
We made our prints on white construction paper so the white paint didn't show up great, but you could still tell they were hand and footprints. When they dried I cut them all out. In the meantime, the kids make bunny faces out of mini paper plates. They drew on a mouth and whiskers with markers and then glued on neon wiggle eyes and a pom pom for a nose (if they wanted to -- one girl drew the nose).
For the body of the bunny, I used an egg shape. I already had a few cut out that were leftovers from a different project so it was perfect.
I cut out little front paws and outlined them in pink so they'd stand out more. The kids glued those onto the bunny body.
Then they glued on their hand prints on the bottom, kind of slanting out. These become the bunny's feet, as if he was sitting on his bottom with his legs out in front of him.
When the bunny faces were dry, the kids used double stick tape to attach the head to the body and the footprints (ears) to the head. I imagined them all with ears sticking up, but some kids wanted floppy ears, and those turned out so cute!

Aren't they both adorable?! I hung them up right outside our door.
I missed all the spring/easter crafts last year because I was on maternity leave. So this year it's really exciting to be decorating our room. I love this time of year!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bunny Tails

Here is a quick bunny craft that would work for many ages.
That's a bunny tushie, in case you couldn't tell. ;0)
I traced a simple bunny pattern onto construction paper. I also traced the ears separately.
I made pastel paint by adding white paint to the other colors. The kids used pom poms to stamp the paint onto their bunny.
They matched up the paint color to their paper color. We just wanted to give the bunnies a "fuzzy" texture.
When the paint was dry, the kids cut the bunnies out all by themselves.
Then they used a glue stick to attach the ears to the head and used white glue to attach a pom pom to the bunny's behind!

I hung them on our door with the phrase, "Leaving winter behind..." (hee, hee!) At least I hope we are leaving winter behind. We had a few nice days, but those darn 30s and 40s keep coming back! Grrr...
It is our school district's spring break, so as you can tell, I have a very small class this week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guinea Pig Craft (and a Baby Kangaroo)

I know I haven't posted in a long time -- sorry. I was out of town for a bit and then I was under the weather for what seemed like forever! I'm still not 100%, but I'm finally getting some energy back. Today I'm sharing a little craft we did last week for our Pet theme. In our classroom, we have a little guinea pig named Oreo. He's mostly black with a little strip of white behind his head.
He is a cutie and loved by all so we decided to make our own little Oreos. I found a coloring sheet of a guinea pig here and the kids made black fingerprints all over it.

Then they stretched out some cotton balls, dipped them in glue and added the white stripe to complete our Oreos!

When they were dry, I cut around them and hung them up above Oreo's cage.
The kids were excited to give Oreo some friends since his cage mate, Hershey, past away earlier in the school year.
Also, to go along with our Pet theme, our director brought in different animals everyday. And on Friday, we had a baby kangaroo visit us!!

He's just 1 year old and loved to explore our classroom. The kids got to pet him and follow him around.
Oh, what an exciting day that was! I just had to take pictures because how many parents would believe their kids if they said a kangaroo was in their classroom?!